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Company History

Company History


In 2013 HMKN was established. The main business was to cooperate with small and medium-sized public hospitals and private hospitals, and was a supplier of medical equipment and consumables.

In 2014 Set up a factory in cooperation with well-known domestic pharmaceutical group to jointly research and develop, select materials and manufacture medical supplies.

In 2015 Set up our own R&D department to develop and design products.

In 2016 Participated in the bidding for equipment and consumables of top three hospitals, provided equipment, consumables and disinfection protection materials.

In 2018 Cooperated with third terminals such as retail pharmacies and clinics to provide medical equipment and disinfection and protection products.

In 2020 Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, we began to provide disinfection and anti-epidemic supplies for schools, kindergartens, government agencies, and large enterprises; the foreign trade business has expanded from offline to online, both in a two-pronged manner.