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Disposable Medical Anti-fog Anti-splash Face Shield

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Medical face shields have a certain protective effect, the main thing is to block body fluids, blood splashes or splashes. It is usually composed of a protective cover made of polymer materials, a foam strip and a fixing device. Non-sterile provision, single use.

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Medical face shields can isolate the spread of viruses and bacteria when medical staff are in contact with patients, thereby protecting the staff and patients.

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Material: High polymer material
Color: Crystal clear
Packaging Detail: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton
Size: 330*220*0.2mm
G.W: 6.8KG
N.W: 6.4KG
Features: Super anti - fog, anti - splash, comfortable to wear, suitable for glasses. Disposable.
Certificate: CE/ISO


1. Elastic elastic band, long-term wear will not cause pain, suitable for adults.

2. An environmentally friendly sponge strip is attached to the forehead, which is soft and comfortable to wear.

3. Covered with a protective film to prevent scratches and abrasion during transportation, tear off before use.

4. High-definition transparent PET material, double-sided anti-fog, impact resistance, easy to carry, and does not block the line of sight.

Disposable Medical Anti-fog Anti-splash Face Shield (5)
Disposable Medical Anti-fog Anti-splash Face Shield (6)
Disposable Medical Anti-fog Anti-splash Face Shield (7)
Disposable Medical Anti-fog Anti-splash Face Shield (8)



2. Products have passed CE, ISO certification.

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