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Disposable Medical Blue Nitrile Gloves

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Disposable nitrile gloves:
It is a chemical synthetic material. It is made of acrylonitrile and butadiene through special process treatment and formula improvement.

The breathability and comfort are close to latex gloves, and there will be no skin allergies. Nitrile gloves have been developed in recent years. During production, they can reach level 100 and level 1000 after cleaning. Most disposable nitrile gloves are powder-free.

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The source of nitrile rubber

Butyronitrile is made by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile. 

In order to improve the bonding strength and physical and mechanical properties of wet gel and vulcanized rubber, most nitrile latexes are modified by introducing third-party monomers containing carboxyl groups during copolymerization.

Commonly used carboxyl monomers include acrylic acid and methacrylic acid. Carboxylic nitrile latex can significantly improve the mechanical stability, oil resistance and aging resistance of the latex.

The source of nitrile rubber

Hand mold cleaning → hand mold oven → coagulant tank → oven → latex tank 1 → oven → latex tank 2 → oven → water washing → oven → curling → main oven → cooling → chlorine washing tank → water washing → neutralization → water washing → PU Groove → final oven → pre-release → demoulding → inspection → packaging → storage → shipment inspection → packing and shipment.

Instructions for use

This product does not have left and right hands, please choose gloves suitable for my hand specifications;

When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories, pay attention to trim nails;

This product is limited to one-time use; after use, please treat it as medical waste to prevent pathogens from polluting the environment;

It is strictly forbidden to directly irradiate strong light such as sunlight or ultraviolet rays.

Storage conditions and methods

It should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse (the indoor temperature is below 30 degrees, and the relative humidity is preferably below 80%) on the shelf 200mm away from the ground.

This product is very popular with customers all over the world, and more customers contact us for bulk purchase. Our products are of good quality and the price is worthy of the quality. If you need samples, you can contact us first, we can provide samples for you to check the quality.


Product: Nitrile Examination Gloves
Model: Powder free
Color: Classic blue
Size: S/M/L/XL
Packaging Detail: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton
Carton size: 32*28*26cm
Certificate: CE
G.W: 6.8KG
N.W: 6.4KG
Application: For medical use, non surgical


1.Nitrile gloves are acid, alkali, oil resistant, non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless.

2.The nitrile gloves are made of synthetic nitrile materials and do not contain proteins in latex that are susceptible to allergic reactions. The selected formula is advanced in technology, soft to the touch, comfortable and non-slip, and flexible to operate.

3.Nitrile gloves do not contain phthalate, silicone oil, amino compounds, have good cleaning performance and anti-static performance, aging resistance and oil resistance performance, the shape of the cleaned nitrile gloves is designed according to the human hand shape, with great sensitivity Properties, excellent tensile properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance.

4.Nitrile gloves have softness, comfort and cling. It is durable and safe.

5.The blue pigment is added at the raw material stage, the finished product is not released, does not fade, and has no effect on the product.

6.Made of 100% synthetic nitrile rubber with low ion content.

7. Latex free formulation, no natural rubber protein.

8. Micro textured exterior surface for secure grip.

9. Low modulus, super soft and fatigue free.

10. Anti-slip and zero touch.

11. Strong and flexible.

12. Tasteless and safer.

13. Operable touch screen.


1. Products have passed CE, ISO certification.

2. Respond promptly and provide comprehensive and thoughtful service.


Why choose us


2. Factory direct sales price.

3. Quality assurance.

4. Deliver fast.

5. We have a good after-sales service.

6. We have been serving large domestic hospitals for a long time.

7. More than 10 years of sales experience in the medical industry.

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