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Disposable Protective Suit for Medical use

Short Description:

The selection of protective clothing needs to consider many factors such as function, size, type, applicable occasion, protection standard, etc. For example, the types include conjoined, split, work clothes, flame retardant clothing, medical protective clothing, etc.

This product have non-sterile; It can be used in hospital and has good permeability and barrier.
It can effectively resist the penetration of bacteria, viruses, alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, can effectively protect wearer from the theat of infection.

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Structrue And Composition: Non-woven sewing and bonding
Size: 160/165/170/175/180/185/190/195
Packaging Detail: 1PC/Bag; 20 pcs/carton
Carton Size: 44*30*42cm
G.W: 6.5KG
N.W: 5.5KG
Sterilization Method: Ethylene oxide sterilization
Certificate: CE/FDA/ISO
Application: For isolating infectious blood, body fluids, secretions to keep clinical medical personnel safe during working. For blocking and protection.
Performance Indicators: 1. Liquid barrier function:a) The hydrostatic pressure in key parts shall be no less than 1.67kpa (17cmH20).

b) Moisture permeability of the material it should not be less than 2500g/(m.d).

2. The resistance of protective clothing to synthetic blood penetration should be no less than 1.75kPa.

3. The water level on the outer side shall not be lower than level 3.

4. Elongation at break: the elongation at break of the key parts of the material should not be less than 15%.

5. The filtration efficiency of non-oil particles in key parts and joints should be no less than 70%.

6. Antistatic: the charge shall be no more than 0.6 C/piece.

7. Electrostatic attenuation performance: the electrostatic attenuation time shall not exceed 0.5s.

8. Residual ethylene oxide.

Expire Date: 3 years
Production Date: See the seal


a. Disposable clinical protective suit is made from high quality composite material. It has the function of anti-virus, breathable, osmosis prevention, waterproofing, and it's static-free.

b. Disposable clinical protective suit is comfortable to wear for its both water proofing and breathable materiel features.

c. Heat-sealing clinical rubber strip makes the highest protection level.

d. 2 Years Long shelf-life and easy to abandon, makes it environment friendly.



2. Products have passed CE, FDA, ISO certification.

3. Respond promptly and provide comprehensive and thoughtful service.

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