Medical face mask

  • Non-woven 3ply Disposable Medical Face Mask

    Non-woven 3ply Disposable Medical Face Mask

    Medical masks are mostly made of one or more layers of non-woven fabrics. The main production processes include meltblown, spunbond, hot air or needle punch, etc., which have the equivalent effect of resisting liquids, filtering particles and bacteria. It is a kind of medical protection textile. Globally available for purchase and customization, Wherever you are on earth, We can take the order and deliver it to you!

  • Non-woven 3ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask

    Non-woven 3ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask

    This product is composed of three materials: non-woven fabric, nose strip and elastic band. The face mask is divided into inner, middle and outer layers, the inner layer is ordinary non-woven fabric, the middle layer is ultra-fine polypropylene fiber melt-blown fabric, and the outer layer is non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene melt-blown fabric. The ear strap is made of elastic band, which is made of non-woven fabric with an elastic band inside; the material of the nose strip is a metal strip, which is covered with fine galvanized iron wire material.

  • Disposable Surgical Face Mask For Children

    Disposable Surgical Face Mask For Children

    Medical surgical masks are more protective than medical masks, and children can wear them. If the child is too young, it is recommended to use special masks for children, so the closed type will be better.

    1. In order to ensure the health of the child, it is designed with the standard of disposable surgical mask.

    2. In order to better wear, it is made of children’s type. The size of the child mask: 14.5*9.5cm.

  • KN95 face mask

    KN95 face mask

    KN95 mask filtration efficiency reaches 95%.
    Some researchers conducted relevant studies on the protective efficiency and wearing time of N95 medical protective masks. The results showed that the filtration efficiency remained above 95% and the respiratory resistance did not change much after 2 days of wearing KN95 respirators.Filter efficiency reduced to 94.7% after 3 days wearing.
    If worn correctly, KN95′s filtering capability is superior to that of ordinary and medical masks.