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India’s sudden large-scale purchases, domestic oxygen concentrators have been in a hurry

India’s sudden large-scale purchases, domestic oxygen concentrators have been in a hurry

According to a report by TASS on May 25, affected by the epidemic, India has purchased large-scale oxygen concentrators from Chinese companies. Under normal circumstances, the demand for oxygen concentrators is relatively stable, and the surprise purchase in India has caught Chinese companies by surprise. Affected by the epidemic, the prices of various materials in China have risen to varying degrees, and the prices of oxygen concentrators purchased by India have naturally risen. In addition, because a large number of oxygen concentrators are supplied to the Indian market, the domestic oxygen generators have been in a hurry.


After the outbreak in India, China actively provided assistance to India. Anti-epidemic materials such as raw materials for medicines, oxygen concentrators and masks purchased by India have all been given the green light. Because India’s short-term demand is too high, companies are working overtime to support India’s fight against the epidemic. In fact, oxygen concentrators are very in short supply nowadays, and companies can produce them at a normal pace, so they don’t have to worry about selling them. In the final analysis, China regards life more importantly. From a humanitarian perspective, it hopes to provide as many products as possible to India.

The price of oxygen concentrators supplied to India has risen, but the increase is very limited. The price given by the Indian media has risen from US$340 to US$460. China is a market economy, and price fluctuations are determined by many factors such as supply and demand. Last year, when China’s epidemic was severe, the price of domestic masks increased several times, and this was still provided for ourselves. It can be seen that the increase in the price of oxygen concentrators to India may not be as sharp as the increase in parts and raw materials. As for providing inferior products to India, it is even more impossible. The Chinese medical equipment companies are very strict. If the compressor power of the oxygen concentrator provided is not enough, it must be approved by the Indian customer. The Indian media believes that the price of oxygen concentrators has risen very seriously. It is more likely that after the oxygen concentrators arrived in India, they were sold by India’s own people, which is not the responsibility of Chinese companies.

Post time: May-26-2021