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What are the symptoms of being infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19)?

What are the symptoms of being infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19)?

People behave differently after being infected with the new coronavirus:

Some are asymptomatic infected. They have no obvious discomfort themselves, and found positive when they did a nucleic acid test. Some are mild patients. Initially feel throat discomfort, dryness or sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, and continue to develop hoarseness, cough, chest pain, etc. Body temperature rises to varying degrees, body aches, fatigue, headache, poor appetite and other symptoms. 

The asymptomatic may turn into the patient. Most mild patients improved and discharged after treatment. Some people's condition worsens as severe illness: the above symptoms are progressively worsening, high fever, fatigue, hypoxia, etc., acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ failure, and even death. The fear of the new coronavirus infection is the rapid death of critically ill patients.

So, how to prevent the new coronavirus? To prevent this virus infection, it is necessary to prevent the transmission of respiratory droplets, take protection, wear masks and caps. Contact with confirmed patients also need to wear protective clothing, goggles, etc. Only thorough management of secretions can achieve the purpose of prevention.

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There are many ways to prevent the new coronavirus.

First of all, you must do a good job of home isolation. At this time, it is safer to reduce going out. If you have to go out, you must take personal protection, wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently. You can’t rub your eyes with your hands or touch your face outside. At this time, you can use disposable medical masks or N95 masks for better prevention. Furthermore, the source of infection must be strictly controlled, and confirmed patients, suspected patients, and related people in close contact must be isolated for observation or treatment. Furthermore, wild animals need to be strictly controlled, and there must never be any situation of eating game. Next, do not keep close contact with patients with symptoms of respiratory infections, do not go to crowded places, and it is better to pay attention to frequent indoor ventilation.

The above methods are for reference only. You should consult a professional doctor in the hospital for specific examination and treatment measures.

Post time: Mar-15-2021