Raman Spectrometer

Raman spectrometers are used in a wide range of fields, such as chemical laboratories, biology and medical fields, etc. With it, we can more accurately determine the composition of research substances.

Applies to these fields:

1. Food field - used for "confirmation" of food ingredients and "falsification" of adulterants

2. Agriculture and animal husbandry - classification and identification of agricultural and animal husbandry products

3. Process control in chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical and medical related fields; quality control, component identification, drug identification, disease diagnosis

4. Criminal investigation and jewelry industry - drug detection; jewelry identification

5. Environmental protection - departmental water pollution monitoring, surface pollution detection and other organic pollutants

6. Field of physics - research on optical devices and semiconductor components

7. Appraisal, antiquities and antiques appraisal, public security criminal appraisal and other fields.

8. Geological field - on-site prospecting, quantitative and qualitative analysis of ore composition and research on inclusions

9. Petroleum field - rapid classification of oil products, composition of petroleum products, online adjustment of monitored oil products, etc.

10. Industrial gas composition detection

11. Research on crystal materials

12. In gemology, it is used to identify the composition and authenticity of gemstones

13. Application in II-VI and III-V compound semiconductor nanostructures

14. Application in carbon materials science

15. In vivo Raman spectroscopy for diagnosis of tumor tissue

16. Application in the field of medicine

17. Application in organic fibers and films

18. Application in catalyst