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UV100 Portable Mini Handheld Small LED UVC Light Lamp UV Sterilizer Wand

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There are always many unseen bacteria in the room, which are more serious in hotels. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, influenza virus, tuberculosis, etc. breed everywhere. UV disinfection stick kill all the bacteria, antivirus home and travel essentials.

You can sweep wherever you want:

Hotel (sheets/toilet/pillow/bathtub/towel/chair)

Household & baby products (baby toys/bed/sofa/daily necessities)

Personal belongings (mobile phone/mask/underwear/jewelry/cosmetics/socks)

Driving (car seat/interior/steering wheel, etc.)

Pet gear (pet litter/tableware/clothing, etc.)

Office supplies (office chair/U-shaped pillow/mouse keyboard)

Stylish and elegant appearance: Elegant curve, light luxury, excellent grip


Strong UV sterilization:

21 high-purity quartz lamps emit high-intensity UV rays, sterilization rate up to 99.99%.


Two sterilization methods:

1. Sweep sterilization (Large area sterilization)
2. Spotlight sterilization (Disinfection of corners, high places, etc.)



Product Name UV sterilizer wand
Internal battery 2500mAh
Number of lamp beads 21 lights (one on top)
Input 5V/1A
Output 7W
Material ABS+PC
UV wavelength 273.7nm
Product Size 240.5mmx40mmx20.5mm
Product Weight 200g
Packing Quantity 30pcs
Net Weight 12.65kg
Packing List UVC LED Sterilizing Wand* 1, USB Cable * 1, Storage Pouch* 1, goggle* 1
certificate CE, FCC, SGS, RoSH, EPA


1. Long endurance: 2500mAh battery, can be used for 2 hours after fully charged.
2. One-button operation: One-button startup, easy to use.
3. Gravity sensor: When the tilt is greater than 5°, the machine automatically shuts down Ultraviolet rays, prevent accidental injury.
4. Child lock protection for child safety.


2. Products have passed CE, ISO, ROSH, FCC, EPA, SGS certification, and authoritative test of UV sterilization.
3. Respond promptly and provide comprehensive and thoughtful service.




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